Business coaching

"You cannot teach a man anything,

you can only help him find it within himself"

(Galileo Galilei)

Coaching helps achieving results through personal development.

It is a creative process in which the coach poses questions and offers food for thought, which allows clients - the so called coachees - to identify new steps to the solution of their problems. The coach does not provide any recommendation. His role consists in helping the coachee to face issues from new perspectives and focussing on possible solutions, rather than digging further into the problem. The coach is an attentive listener and tailors his approach to the needs of the coachee, whose wishes guide his actions. The ultimate goal of a coach is to help coachees finding their solutions, assuming that he or she has all necessary resources to solve the problem and is an expert in his or her specific field.

The coach helps people to help themselves, encouraging them to feel accountable and consider themselves as part of the solution.


Coaching consists in a series of intense 1:1 meetings, unless the coachee is a team. In this case, the coach focuses on the goals and resources of the team, which include - but are not limited to - the goals and resources of each team member.


Business coaching is a very powerful tool:

  • Benefits are perceived right from the start of the process
  • It is a quick tool: typically, no more than 4/5 sessions are necessary to the achievement of one goal
  • The results are tangible, since the metrics for the identification of the achievement are agreed at the beginning of the process
  • It is an agile tool: it does not require a particular setting or preparation
  • It is an instant gratification for managers who receive it
  • It can be easily integrated in any talent development process
  • Benefits are long lasting, because coaching addresses personal mindsets and behaviors

The curricula of our coaches reflects the experience of our clients. They have gained managerial experience and thus know how to develop an immediate empathy with their coachees, having experienced what it means to manage, inspire and lead. They also obtained specific certifications. For example, we work with ICF and DVCT professionals.