Change Management Solutions

A strategy is successful only if the implementation is consistent, and this calls for the engagement of all stakeholders, which in turn requires change in their mindsets and behaviors. We consult companies on how to accompany people in times of change and shape a corporate culture that favors change and - ultimately - helps achieving strategic goals. 


Most companies approach change by adjusting their processes or restructuring their organization. In other words: they strive to convince their managers that they HAVE TO CHANGE.

This has proven not to be enough, in most cases. Studies show that change fails to achieve its targets in 70-80% of the cases. In order to foster real change, managers should also:

- WANT TO CHANGE, be intrinsically motivated by a correct mix of communication that helps them really understanding the need to change

- BE ABLE TO CHANGE, i.e. have all necessary soft and skills needed for the new culture, or having access to development actions that allow them to acquire the necessary competencies

- BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE; this means living in a corporate culture that favors the new habits, mindsets and behaviors, one in which everyone acts as role-model for everyone else, a mutual learning community